Insights Into Medical Communication by Sala Michele Maci Stefania Gotti Maurizio

Insights Into Medical Communication by Sala Michele Maci Stefania Gotti Maurizio

Author:Sala, Michele,Maci, Stefania,Gotti, Maurizio
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Peter Lang AG

(5) I don’t mind taking pills and can usually remember to take them regularly. x (yes) x (no)

By acknowledging the reader’s voice temporarily, producers now wish to put their readers firmly in the ‘driving seat’, and to similarly raise the patient-centred role in health matters. As a conscious choice made by producers, this strategy thus enables self-care information seekers to present affective and interpersonal content in matters of personal preferences, not least because such preferences are electronically stored for later feedback by Web producers. Consequently, the strategy helps to project a patient-situated identity in the online interactive discourse, and to similarly emphasize their own contribution to the self-care options.

3.2.2 Imperatives

The heavy incidence of imperatives (254 occurrences) used throughout the Make Simple Changes pages alone is a clear attempt to direct or instruct readers in some kind of procedural activity. Such is, for instance, instructing health-seekers to attend to some ‘Sleep Hygiene Rules’ by the use of positive and negative imperatives shown on the right-hand side opposite explanatory and descriptive statements, and marked here as A and B for convenience of use: ← 222 | 223 →

(6) Sleep Hygiene Rules


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