Bruce Lee the Tao of Gung Fu by Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee the Tao of Gung Fu by Bruce Lee

Author:Bruce Lee
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-0-8048-3110-9
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

The leading right shin/knee stop kick

When your opponent attacks you, he has to come to you, and this action of coming toward you offers you the opportunity to apply the theory of attack just outlined. It is always wise to use the longest weapon against the nearest target. When your opponent advances toward you, he presents to you his “advanced target” of his shin and knee. Before his attack is halfway through, you can stop kick him and thus, check his attack.

1. A and B facing each other

2. Awareness is most important in the success of any stop hit or kick, though the stop kick is easier, allowing the defender more time due to the longer kicking distance between him and his opponent. The second A is aware of B’s initial onslaught, A immediately shoots out his shin/knee stop kick while arching back for more power and a safer distance.


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