Michelle M. Pillow - Lords of Var 5 - The Pirate Prince.wps by Crystal & Billy

Michelle M. Pillow - Lords of Var 5 - The Pirate Prince.wps by Crystal & Billy

Author:Crystal & Billy [Crystal & Billy]
Format: epub
Published: 2010-11-02T23:38:02.206000+00:00

are the pu ren I saw running away from Emperor Song’s palace.”

“Ah, well, you see....” Viktor began.

“It’s not what you think,” Lucien inserted, kicking at the floor. “We didn’t like it.”

“We don’t do that,” Viktor added. “You know, wear women’s clothing like that.”

“We had to,” Lucien said.

“You two appeared to enjoy it to me,” Lochlann teased wryly.

Mei stepped closer, studying all of them intently. Finally, her dark eyes turned to

Jarek. His gut tightened in response. She just had that affect on him. He couldn’t breathe

when she looked directly at him. It was a shock of electricity through his system, like

someone took a phazer to his heart.

Sacred Cats! She was beautiful. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as he

stared at her. His body ached just to be near her. And she intrigued him too. Everything

about her utterly and completely fascinated him.

“There are no other women on this ship, are there?” she demanded.

Jarek gave a sheepish grin and shrugged. Stepping forward slowly, she stopped to

run her finger lightly over his chest. She looked at him and smiled, completely unashamed

by what the others might assume from the gesture. In fact, her eyes claimed him, as did

her open expression. Her hand stopped above his heartbeat and she stood, gazing up at

him as if she wanted the crew to know she was his.

“What did you take from Emperor Song?” Mei kept her hand on his chest, as she

looked them over, one by one.

Lucien and Viktor cleared their throats and looked away. Evan and Jackson turned

back to work on repairs. Dev didn’t move. Lochlann grinned.

“Who says we took anything?” Jarek asked, looking down at her. He liked that she

wasn’t embarrassed to be his woman.

“So, what? You went to Emperor Song’s palace just so you could streak though it

in women’s clothing? And now you’re going back there to do it again?” Mei nodded

mockingly. “Or is it you are going to look for this Rick who is missing? And, for some

reason, you believe Emperor Song has him as a prisoner?”

“We mean no harm to your Emperor,” Jarek assured her, amazed at her


“Emperor Song?” Mei laughed. “He is not my Emperor. Singhai is not my


“You were a prisoner?” Dev asked. Jarek’s heart squeezed in his chest to think of

her in harm’s way. “Have you seen Rick in the prisons? You know him?”

“No. I was a guest of Emperor Song’s,” Mei said. Her eyes stayed trained on his.

“And I don’t know your Rick.”

“Then why did you try to escape, if you were just a guest?” Jarek didn’t really

have anything to hide from his crew. Not in this. When it came down to it, regardless of

what he was feeling, her presence on the ship affected them all.

Mei lifted a brow and dropped her hand from him. “I wasn’t escaping. I was

fighting you.”

Dev chuckled and held his hand out to Jackson. “You owe me twenty space


Jackson grumbled, but nodded. “Fine.”

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