SWW 01 The Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara

SWW 01 The Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara

Author:Jeff Shaara [Shaara, Jeff]
Format: epub
ISBN: 0345495330
Publisher: Random House
Published: 2010-05-03T07:25:38.852000+00:00

Logan took the cup, barely warm, and he drank, ignored the bitterness.

Baxter said, “The rain’s coming back in the next day or so. Maybe. Heard somebody, some officer, talking to somebody else. We been lucky, he says. Good fighting weather. I didn’t stick around, afraid I might have broken somebody’s jaw, some lamebrained lieutenant colonel. What the hell was good about today?”

Logan finished the coffee, handed Baxter the cup, said nothing.

Baxter sat, faced him. “More Shermans supposed to be here by morning. Be damned sight better than the Stuart, I guess. Parnell oughta be happy. The Sherman’s slower, but a whole lot of horsepower compared to the Stuart. Be nice to load something heavier than the thirty-seven.”


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