The Aquarian Age Chronicles by Tabitha Stevens

The Aquarian Age Chronicles by Tabitha Stevens

Author:Tabitha Stevens [Stevens, Tabitha]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction
Publisher: Evermore Divine Publishing
Published: 2017-12-23T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven

The skies turned blue-green over a raging sea of blue. A small boat continued to rock as the paddles laid on the sides. The stars sparkled in the sky. Skipper woke up in the boat and glanced up at the sky. He looked around and saw Aquarian in the boat with him.

Skipper sighed and moved back into the boat, “Aquarian?”

Aquarian nodded and looked up at the moving sky, “I knew you, I would see you again.”

“What you do want?” Skipper motioned.

“I noticed that you almost had an episode in front of your friend,” Aquarian chuckled then grew serious. “You need to control your powers, Skipper. The time has come for you where you need to control your powers and establish yourself in full understanding.”

“I said last time, I want to be a normal kid,” Skipper scowled.

“No matter how you look at it, Skipper, your fate is attached to everyone else,” Aquarian argued. “This isn’t a game. Your destiny is attached to so many lives. Your decision effects everyone else as well.”

Skipper turned to look over to see his reflection in the boat. “You say I have a choice, but I don’t really. I just want to be normal, Aquarian. I don’t know any other life but this one. I want to be normal, yet I can never do that. My powers under control.”

Aquarian chuckled. “Life only matters. You will choose what is right in time. I know I may seem hard but the thing is I care for this galaxy and want to see it thrive. I don’t want the other guardian to win favor over me. The belief and faith in people is what is important as to the life quality of this galaxy.”

“I am a servant to other creatures beyond humanity but I must take care of them as well. I need to make sure you understand that everyone must play their part. We must go beyond the invisible.” Aquarian smiled then glanced at Skipper.

“Aquarian, I don’t know if I’m this person you believe in,” Skipper mentioned as he looked at him.

“I knew a girl once where she was a powerful seer, she didn’t believe too but the danger was real. She is very powerful. She didn’t know what path to take, but she realized things were bigger than her. That girl didn’t choose to become a hero. Circumstances led her to choose her path, yet she knew what was at stake. She was a woman to understand the truth of life, because she believed.” Aquarian snickered.

“The waves of the world are determined by thoughts and examples.” Aquarian said lightly then faded away.

Skipper looked at where Aquarian was and looked down at his hands glowing blue-green. He was scared to take the leap for it would mean he would recognize himself as more than human.


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