TheRapids by Unknown

TheRapids by Unknown

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Format: epub
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M aggie had apple-cinnamon muffins and fresh blueberries with water-buffalo yogurt on the back porch and found out from Star Franconia that there was only one other guest at the inn, who’d be leaving later in the day.

“You have the place to yourself,” she said, heading down to the flower gardens with a pair of clippers in hand. “We have a full house starting on Thursday—it’s a two-night minimum on weekends, which helps.”

“But the inn’s holding its own?” Maggie asked.

“Oh, I think so. We have to watch cash flow, of course, but who doesn’t? And we put a lot into renovations. Too much, according to Andrew, but it was better just to go ahead and do everything at once. You can’t do renovations in stages when you’re trying to run an inn. No one wants to wake up to the sound of power saws and hammers.”

“I suppose not.”


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